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 "If you are looking for assistance from a professional graphic designer you've succeeded in finding one. How may I help you? Please feel free to explore these pages to discover some of what I do, and contact me with any comments or questions you may have - both are welcome. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you. Look for my contact information, and contact me. Thanks."

- - Kristen Stuart
Freelance Professional Graphic Designer


International Service
Ohio County List
- where I provide LOCAL graphic designer services

  • Cuyahoga

  • Lake

  • Lorain

  • Geauga

  • Medina

  • Summit

  • Stark

  • Portage

  • Wayne

  • Ashtabula

  • Trumbull

  • Mahoning

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Client List, Types of Clients Served, Services & Applications Provided,
Client Comments on Services and Experience with Kristen Stuart


Links to info on this page:
TYPES of Clients that I Serve       Partial Client List for Reference
Services & Applications List
Actual Comments/Quotes from Clients on Their Experience

TYPES of Clients that I Serve: Reviewing work...

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Institutions

  • Medical

  • Builders

  • Sales and service companies

  • Dealers

  • Commercial enterprises

  • Retail

  • Design studios, sub-contract

  • Writers

  • Publishers

  • Arts

  • Individuals, for custom sculptures,  illustrations, other items

  • And others, please inquire...

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Client LIST; a partial list for reference

  • Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Lake Hospital System, Painesville, Ohio

  • Titan Tubulars, Nigeria, Africa

  • Commtrol, Inc.

  • Adept Pest Solutions, Seattle, WA

  • Page to Stage Productions (Ray McNiece), Willoughby, Ohio

  • F.I.T., Inc.,

  • K&B Enterprises, Painesville, OhioLodestar, a star to guide by...

  • River Oaks Homes, Lake County, Ohio

  • Prime Source Manufacturing, Chardon, Ohio

  • OurPets Company, Fairport Harbor, Ohio

  • American Radio Network, Northfield, Ohio

  • Offset System Service Corp., Harvard, IL;

  • The Security Source, Inc., Parma, Ohio

  • Team Dynamics, Inc., Doylestown, Ohio

  • Value Pages Magazine, MIH Marketing, Lake Co., Ohio

  • Surface-All, Inc., Madison, Ohio

  • Dr. Lawrence I. Schmetterer, Youngstown, Ohio

  • Jeff's Garage, Fairport Harbor, Ohio

  • Peabody Energy, St. Louis, MO

  • Regency Insurance Agency, Mentor, Ohio

  • Township 110 Land Company, MT

  • Pioneer Seed, Kansas City, MO (ad agency)

  • Family Fun Directory, Solon, Ohio

  • Westbrook Group, OH

  • Gymboree, Mentor, Ohio

  • St. Anthony Transport, Inc., Warren, Ohio

  • Loss Prevention Recruiters, Painesville Twp., Ohio

  • Kevs Body & Custom, Inc., Brill, WI

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Services & Applications List

Lodestar Vision's services are applied to our clients in all of the following areas or in selected areas, as needed:Avalon logo, logo designer Kristen Stuart

  • Custom, 3D Illustrations (no longer)

  • Custom, website images

  • Brochures

  • Book illustration (no longer)

  • Sales materials, flyers

  • Product or service sheets

  • Newsletters, bulletins

  • Logos

  • Website design and elements

  • Line cards

  • Advertising, media, campaigns

  • Sales presentations, printed, interactive, electronic

  • Identity:  logos, icons, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.

  • Branding and identity concepts, company materials, campaigns

  • Unique and original logos and icons

  • Company or organizational image management services

  • Images, icons, signs, etc., for trade show booths and displays, websites

  • Signs and signage, external or internal, posters

  • Convention, trade show, and meeting materials

  • Presentation folders

  • Labels, decals, tags, images for specialty advertising applications, etc.

  • Copywriting, editing, and website service

Please inquire for how we may be of service to you...

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Client Comments:  Thanks for the comments!Newsletter
Clients & Visitors - have a comment? Please email me.



NEWSLETTERS:  "We are glad to endorse you, everyone mentions the newsletter to us all the time, how wonderful they are written and look. We love our newsletters. We are really glad to have you doing them. Thank you so much!"

-- Kev & Jeanne Lusson, Kevs Body & Custom, Inc., Rice, WI. Auto Body Shop 

logo designer servicesReviewing work...

"Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Good work Kristen!"
-- Mike Walker, Managing Director, Titan Tubulars (logo)




LOGO, BUSINESS IDENTITY:   "I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled at first with this design, while I thought it was good overall and positively reflected our company. However, it grew on me very quickly. After we started using this logo on all of our company materials, I really began to like it. Soon I realized that I just loved it. And we've had many, many positive comments from our customers. I just love our new logo, business cards, stationery, everything. The whole look and feel of the company is different. We're the same company, but everyone feels different about it, and better about it somehow. Thanks so much for everything."   
- - Candace O'Connor, President, The Security Source, Inc.

Security Source, logo designer KS

TEACHING COLLEGE LEVEL GRAPHIC DESIGN:  "Kristen Stuart is a creative design professional who is generous with ideas, honest with feedback, and extremely knowledgeable about her field. She is fastidious about scheduling and deadlines, As an instructor in numerous visual communication classes Ms.Stuart has set the bar high and kept me motivated to achieve those same standards. She was unselfish with her time and talents. Her approach to teaching is to listen to her students, build a relationship and take what she has learned to help them succeed and excel in their chosen paths. She is the ultimate professional with an attention to detail that exceeds the highest expectations. I highly recommend using Ms.Stuart for any of your visual communication or instructional needs."
- - Constance Stanton, former adult student

BROCHURE, LOGO, PRINT:  "I'm very pleased with the brochure, what you did with the images, and also the writing and layout. Frankly, it exceeded my expectations. I've had a lot of good comments about it. Thanks for your help."   
- - Richard Duhame, President, Surface-All, Inc.  (logo)
Ray McNiece, Poet, Performer
BROCHURE, PRINT, BUSINESS IDENTITY:     "Both image and substance are essential when soliciting gigs in the performing arts. Lodestar helped me put together a brochure that conveys the energy and essence of what I do, and has helped create numerous bookings. Kristen Stuart also designed a business logo that displays the professionalism of my endeavors - this appears on my business cards, letterhead, envelopes, web site, and promotional flyers."  
- - Ray McNiece, Page to Stage Productions (identity & print communications, materials)

LOGO:  "Thank you for your personal attention to the logo and my company needs, including the details that went into personalizing it. Your services were very much appreciated, and if anyone asks how I came up with such a nice logo, I'll direct them to your website. As soon as I get other business out of the way I'll discuss improving the writing aspect of the brochures along with the layout and design."
- - John Marshall, Owner, Adept Pest Solutions
Electronic or print images

LOGO:  Follow-up, later comment:  "Thought you should  know that you've received a lot of compliments on the Adept Pest logo.  It really does stand out amongst the competition.  Thanks again for the hard work."   
- - John Marshall, Owner, Adept Pest Solutions

PUBLICATION, DESIGN, ADVERTISING:  "It is sincerely a pleasure working with you. Your design talent, commitment to quality and attention to detail are a huge part of why this publication is so successful. Weíre a great team. And I hope we can continue to work together for a long time."
- - Rick Pavia, Publisher, Family Fun Directory

GRAPHIC DESIGN:  "Wow! You do great work! You did, indeed, exceed my expectations. You are giving me exactly the kind of creativity and initiative that I want. Iím really excited about working with you. Thanks so much."
- - Shannon Waller, Team Dynamics, Inc., Doylestown, Ohio

"Brad absolutely loved the illustration. He was so surprised. It turned out so well. Everyone who sees it thinks itís just great. Take care and thanks again." 
- - Lisa Taylor, Ohio

TRADE SHOW EXHIBIT BOOTH GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION:  "Thank you very much for your diligent work and communication throughout the project. I have been very impressed with your professionalism and would absolutely not hesitate to call on you with future projects.
    I appreciate your review of the initial proof with Ralph. Before the proof had even arrived, he mentioned to me that often times their coloration of 4 color blues comes out a little too purple.  Thank you for catching it and not letting it slide. Best Regards,"
- - Keith Albrecht, Sales & Marketing Manager, F.I.T., Inc.

Follow-up, later comment: 
"Thank you for the final layouts and all of your hard work and correspondence. I can say that, collectively, we at FIT all appreciate your dedication and professionalism. Your excitement for this project and vision for our display have been wonderful as well.  Thank you so much."
- - Keith Albrecht, Sales & Marketing Manager, F.I.T., Inc.

LOGO:  "Great work! Iíll send you the final logo when we figure out what colors we are using. Thanks again for your help!" 
 - - Shawn Zbasnik, CPSM, Marketing Specialist, Cleveland Construction, Inc., Mentor, Ohio

TRADE SHOW EXHIBIT BOOTH GRAPHIC DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION:  "Kristen, here are a couple of pictures of our booth at the NIF SHOW. Everyone thought it was the best if not one of the best displays."
- - Doug Griesbach, Customer Care Manager, F.I.T. Inc.

LOGO:  "Thank you so much for your help. You don't know how much I appreciate your handling of this. I finally have a logo that I'm proud to use."
- - Regis Coustillac, Owner, Regency Insurance Agency, Inc.

Corporate IdentityBOOK & CD COVER, MULTIPLE PROJECTS:  "Kristen. I want to let you know that when I found you, I had already been working with several other people on ideas and designs and images for several months, all to no avail. This was very, very frustrating. You listened very carefully to my ideas and converted those thoughts into a simple, powerful image that was exactly what I wanted. Exactly! I could not have gotten to where I am without your efforts, and you saved me time and further headaches. So, I want to thank you and also let you know that you and Lodestar Visions are now the official designer of You are the Light. Thank you so much!
 - - Jim McDonald, Owner, You are the Light, Student of Experience

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